Lucy Hale | Saint Barts Collection in Mark.girl 2014

"You protect her, indulge her, even seem to love her."


InuYasha Manga/Anime

↳ 3 - Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again


Fruits Basket Feelings Meme

[3/4 Comfort Zones] → Tohru in the kitchen


I’m more than grateful to perform household chores in exchange for free rent. That’s why it’s at times like this when I want to be of most service!


‘Cause I’m young and I’m dumb. I do stupid things when it comes to love. And even if I always end up crying. Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Favourite Youtubers: 3/10 → Zoe Sugg (zoella280390)

Maya Hart in 1x01 Girl Meets World